August 20th, 2019

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why indian brides prefer jadau jewellery?

why indian brides prefer jadau jewellery?

Wherever your feet can carry you, or your eyes reach, everything is modernized. Everyone aspires to own contemporary things that promise comfort and luxury. However, when it comes to jewellery, the more traditional it is, the more it will be cherished.

Especially, younger generations fall for the royal and heavy pieces of jewellery influenced by the Mughals, Afghans, Persians, etc. One such traditional jewellery form is Jadau jewellery that has captivated the heart and mind of Indian brides since ages. Till today, the popularity of the Jadau jewellery has not faded and it is one of the most precious possession of the Indian bride. For them, it is not just a mere piece of ornamentation, but also a sound investment.

Let’s Rewind

Jadau jewellery is celebrated because of its highly distinctive style. It is the art introduced in India by the Mughals and today it is practised in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Why Jadau Jewellery is Treasurable?

Jadau sets are an example of exclusive craftsmanship. ‘Jad’ means to embed and this art is only practised by the high skilled artisans. Jadau jewellery makes use of gems, precious and semi-precious stones and is made either in 22 or 23-carat gold only. Jadau is the jewellery-making technique that uses Polki, Kundan, and Meenakari.

Firstly, the gold is heated and then a frame is made out of it in which the stones are embedded without using any kind of adhesive or carving.

Crafting this revered piece of jewellery is not a one man’s job; three different talented artists come together to create one magnificent piece. These three artists are ‘Chiterias’- the one who designs, ‘Gharias’- the one who make holes and engrave and ‘Meenakars’- the one who does the work of enamelling.

Jadau Sets Make Every Bride Look Royal

Wedding is once in a lifetime affair, and every bride aspires to look nothing less than spectacular. Jadau jewellery with its awe-inspiring designs has always been the first choice of Indian brides. The latest trend has been to wear a Jadau choker set along with majestic rani haar.

After having spotted Deepika Padukone wearing Jadau chaandbalis in the film Goliyon ki Raasleela- Ramleela, Indian brides love adorning them along with exquisitely crafted Jadau bangles, multi-layer Jadau jhumkas, necklaces and a maang-tika.

Kundan Jadau Jewellery and Polki Jadau Jewellery along with Meenakari work make the Indian bride look absolutely divine. These days, jewellery designers are attempting to add a contemporary touch to Jadau sets to make them look both regal and modern. Undoubtedly, the distinctive design, lustre and the grandeur of the jewellery gives an Indian bride a bold look and a surreal charm.

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