January 22nd, 2020

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rose gold jewellery, the flavour of women’s heart in every era

rose gold jewellery, the flavour of women’s heart in every era

Seasons have changed, making people fall in and out of love, with erratic trends in all things fashion. Things that forever rule the heart with their timeless allure gets the vintage tag. Rose gold jewellery, with its soft pinkish hue, is one of those time-defying jewellery that has been a woman’s favourite, in every era.

With Apple iPhone and premium watches getting coloured in rose gold, the pink lustre is back again in its ultimate contemporary form, through finer jewellery and engagement rings. With its exquisite vintage look and a luxurious appeal, rose gold jewellery is considered as the heirloom jewellery, which can be passed on from generation to generation, with a unique sense of pride.

Decoding rose gold jewellery:

Gold as a metal is too soft. Hence, it is blended with other metals to make it durable. When gold is mixed with copper and silver, rose gold with a warm tonality, and a rosy sheen gets formed.

With its versatility, the rose gold can be used to make a variety of jewellery. To craft the heart-shaped pendant, engagement rings, and jewellery with a romantic feel, rose gold is always the preferred metal.

Another attractive feature of rose gold jewellery is that it gets more beautiful with time. From the pink hue, it gets the little reddish hue that makes one’s jewellery look royal and timeless.

Glorious past of rose gold:

  • In the 19th century, Carl Fabergé, a renowned jeweller to the czars mixed yellow gold and copper to create a blush-toned colour. He used this creation to embellish his most elaborate creations, including the Fabergé eggs. This precious metal with a charming pink colour became popular as ‘Russian Gold’.
  • In the 1920s, the French jewellery Cartier released the Trinity ring which had three bands- yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. This ring became iconic as it was privately commissioned by the writer Jean Cocteau.
  • Though rose gold was not always popular, it witnessed the surge in its popularity during World War II.
  • Rose gold is still the most sought after metal among women due to its feminine feel and sturdiness.

Rose gold, an exclusive piece of jewellery:

Other than being the most loved jewellery of women and its classic charm, there are other attributes of rose gold jewellery that truly sets it apart:

1) Suits any skin type

The flattering colour of rose gold gives the skin a beautiful glow. Be it any skin tone, rose gold makes one look charismatic. Especially when the rose gold is complimented with diamonds, crystals or other precious gemstones, it gives one a divine look.

2) It is durable

As rose gold has copper, it is sturdier than yellow gold or white gold jewellery. It doesn’t require any maintenance as the rose gold colour takes the vintage hue after a few years, hence it ages beautifully with time.

Bharatji’s chic rose gold jewellery:

As one of the best jewellery shops in Ahmedabad, Bharatji designs spectacular rose gold jewellery that adorns one’s personality uniquely. BeOne solitaire engagement rings in rose gold with its ‘Veni’ pattern and the rising solitaire are the perfect epitome of a couple’s love and their exciting journey from engagement to marriage.

Other than the designer gold jewellery in Ahmedabad, Bharatji crafts delicate rose gold jewellery that embellishes you with its elegance. Visit our store at CG Road to explore our amazing designs crafted for modern women. 

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