January 03rd, 2020

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daily wear jewellery for office that make you stand out

daily wear jewellery for office that make you stand out

For centuries, jewellery has been an integral part of each woman’s trove. Since it represents beauty, elegance, style, social status, etc., jewellery is also one of the most treasured possessions. From being adorned in parties, social gatherings, weddings, festivals to wearing light jewellery on day to day basis at work, jewellery is an essential element in the women’s attire. Along with enabling you to make a strong style statement, jewellery also expresses your personality and values.

Making the best impression at work adds to the exceptional performance at work. As per the work ethics and official rules, it is required for employees to be presentable and well-dressed.  While choosing the right outfits may not be complicated, picking the appropriate jewellery that not only goes with your outfit and personality but also helps you make the best impression is a challenging task, because when it comes to office wear jewellery, less is always more. Your appearance can enhance tenfold with the right jewellery. You can choose the pieces that suit your clothing and skin. While dressing, it is necessary to find the perfect balance between style and elegance to make your jewellery an addition that makes you stand out. You must consider its size, shape, type, and colours.

In a conservative work environment, wearing heavy or chunky jewellery with bright colours or wearing light jewellery but too many pieces can look flashy and distracting. In that case, it is safe to go for diamond studs, pearl earrings, delicate bracelets or simple finger rings. However, in a creative environment, you may choose bright and vibrant colours and fancy statement pieces.

We understand that office jewellery can make or break your impression. Hence, we have prepared a list of office jewellery that you can wear at work to enhance your style and elegance.

Stud Earrings

If you wear formal attire, studs will perfect your look. You can choose diamond or stone studs for pantsuit and pearl studs for dresses. They will enhance your professional look along with extending comfort since they will not be a painful obstacle while you are on call. Following the trends, if you opt for pastel coloured tops or beige coloured shirt or pants, you can easily spice up your formal look with rose gold or platinum stud earrings that have gemstones or diamonds embedded in them. The combination of white stone with your pastel coloured clothing will surely give you an elegant and chic look immediately.

Studs also allow you to keep your look professionals as opposed to heavy and long earrings, which are not only uncomfortable but also a distracting element.

Chain and Necklace

A long delicate chain with gold or diamond necklace is more appropriate in a conservative work environment. An extensive range of metal includes yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, etc. You can choose an appropriate metal for your elegant chain as per the colours of your attire and add in a pendant that goes well with your style. Small diamond pendant gives a contemporary and stylish look. You can pair your formal shirt or dress with a small pendant to enhance your professional look. Also, long and layered chain or a necklace with your dress will enhance the feminine vibe along with giving it a modern touch. You can transform your simple outfit with a small diamond pendant.

If you are working in a creative environment, you can wear a necklace that goes well with your neckline and colour of your dress. You can choose a contrast colour or the same colour with different shade to pair your dress with a little heavy necklace. A huge gemstone will give you an opulent look immediately.


Heavy and large bracelet can cause obstacles in your work by limiting your hand movements which makes it difficult to type or write while working. But, a small chain bracelet can make you comfortable and yet gorgeous when you are using hand gestures while conversing with others. Bracelets that tinkle and make noises can be irritating and distractive to others hence, it is essential that you avoid wearing such distractive jewellery pieces at work.

Finger Ring

Several types of rings include stone ring, band ring, diamond ring, multi-stone ring, etc. Depending on your theme and colours of your clothes, you can choose an appropriate ring. However, a finger ring is a designer piece of jewellery that is suitable to all types of outfits. A delicate diamond ring will give you a lavish and extravagant look immediately. For a more modern outlook, you can choose a single stone embedded finger-ring. You can choose from a variety of colours that go well in the professional world including white, cream white, blue, pink, pastel, etc. With a large stone embedded ring, you can opt-out of wearing another jewellery pieces such as necklace, earring and bracelet. An elegant and eye-catching finger ring will surely give you a fashionable look.

Classic Jewellery

You can go classic with meenakari jewellery. Meenakari has always been the first choice of royals and hence, the style and design is closely associated with luxury and royalty. Adorning timely meenakari jewellery designed in a modern way will give you a classy and lavish look at your work.

To cater to the liking of modern women, at Bharatji, we have refashioned the art of enamelling (meenakari) through eclectic shapes and colours. The refashioned meenakari lends a fresh, elegant, fashionable and professional look to today’s modern women. You can enhance your strong personality with our timely dedicated pieces crafted for modern women. To explore more about our beautiful meenakari collection crafted according to the modern taste, visit our store at CG Road.

You can also find the most extravagant diamond and gold jewellery that you can wear with your formal attire and stand out while making a strong personality statement at your workplace. To take a look at our collection of diamond and gold earrings, bracelets, finger rings, necklace, visit our Store Now.

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