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Everyone has a story. Some eloquently narrate their saga of love, hope, wisdom, and truth, while some of them do not find the appropriate medium of expression, hence their stories remain confined to the realms of their heart. Bharatji painstakingly crafts out a dazzling ornament from a piece of stone and metal that is not just exclusive to you but also creates an experience with a strong narrative.

being phenomenal

We are not led by trends because we lead trends. All our designs are aesthetically crafted as we believe that jewellery is not merely for beautifying oneself but is an indispensable part of one’s persona that splendidly cherishes and complements the wearer’s unique identity.

At Bharatji, we invest our energy and expertise in quality as more than just a value addition which we give to our customers, it is also the salient feature of our ideology that we imbibe and promote through our jewellery designs. We understand that when clients step into our store, though they come with certain set desires and reasons, they leave our store with a shopping bag in hand with the sole reason that our designs and craftsmanship warmed their hearts. Our jewellery aesthetics revel in pride by building an emotional connection with our esteemed clients.

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our pillars of creation

While our jewellery don a modern avatar, each design finds its roots in
Bharatji’s values. We strongly abide by these principles as they are the
guiding light to the brilliance.

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To offer our esteemed clientele jewellery that are excellently crafted to match their dreams and desires.

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To procure raw materials from trusted vendors who proudly adhere to the same business values and quality standards.

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To assist each customer in their jewellery purchase with our expert guidance and build strong relationships with them.

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Purity is one of our key pillars. Each jewellery is hallmarked to offer complete assurance to clients.

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message of ceo

The idea of Bharatji, in its current reincarnated form, came to existence to craft timeless jewellery that celebrates the wearer. I feel jewellery is a mode of expression for the wearer, it is an emotional purchase and needs to be treated like one.

Bharatji Since 1975 was born for the clients who consider jewellery more than a piece of gold and precious stones. It was born for clients who find themselves in the jewellery, demands detailing and high quality in the way the jewellery is crafted inside out. In the jewellery market, we aspire to break the clutter of overbearing promises of good design, prices, offers, etc.

Today, Bharatji is known for its impeccable craftsmanship, service with humility and no-nonsense attitude towards our quality. We have worked very hard, put hundreds of hours to craft product lines and jewellery buying experience for our clients. One of the primary reasons for our growth is that these attributes of Bharatji are valued by our clients and they have become our loyal patrons.

At the end of the day, a brand is not what you say about yourself, it is what your clients, suppliers, stakeholders say about you.

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We yearn for soul-stirring rendezvous. While shimmer of our gold and diamond jewellery gives an idyllic charm to our store, our sales executives with their affable aura makes the client feel more than welcome. We treasure the moments when our designs bring a smile, as we are here with the purpose of not just selling jewellery but selling experiences that stays with the person forever.

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