Jewel oyster

Why wait to buy Gold or Diamond,
only on Akshaya Tritya or Diwali?

Introducing our ‘Jewel Oyster’ plan, that makes jewellery buying easy, be it anytime of the year. With easy monthly installments starting from Rs.5000, purchase your dream jewellery at a discounted price, that makes both you and your budget happy. The enrolment is available for two tenures, i.e either for 6 months or 10 months.

Hence, from now onwards, neither fluctuating Gold prices will unsettle you nor you will have to wait more to buy your favorite Diamonds.

Why Enrol in Jewel Oyster?

Plan a Delightful Surprise
Smart Savings for Smart Women
Celebrate Wedding More Lavishly
Small Investments for Large Benefits
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Invest in Jewel Oyster-Gold Plan

Fluctuating gold prices will not unsettle your budget anymore. Invest in this plan, and book specific amount of Gold at the current rate of that date. Accumulate small amounts of Gold at various price levels and at the end of the plan, purchase Gold jewellery of your choice from our store.

Date Amount Gold Rate (22kt)* Grams Booked
1st May 15,000 2989 5.02
1st June 15,000 2876 5.22
1st July 15,000 2974 5.04
1st August 15,000 3072 4.88
1st September 15,000 3053 4.91
1st October 15,000 3070 4.89
Total 90000 3004 29.96 grams

Jewel Oyster- Gold Plan for 6 months’ tenure

At the end of 6 installments, patron can buy jewelry of the value of accumulated gold. So if the patron purchases a jewelry on 1st October 2016 after paying the 6th installment, she/he can purchase gold rate at an average rate of Rs.3004 per gram rather than the prevailing rate of Rs.3040 per gram.

Invest in Jewel Oyster-Diamond Plan

Likewise, pay minimum Rs.5000 either for 6 months or 10 months and Bharatji will add specific percentage of amount (depending on the tenure), enabling you to buy ravishing Diamond jewellery from Bharatji.

Monthly Installment 5000 5000
Period 6 Months 10 Months
Total Installment Value 30,000 50,000
Bharatji’s Contribution ( in %) of Monthly Installment* 50% 100%
Redemption Value 32,500 55,000

*In case of Solitaire jewellery, 50% of the above mentioned Bharatji’s contribution will be contributed by Bharatji, i.e for 6 months, Rs.1250 (in case the installment is Rs.5000 pm) and for 10 months, it will be Rs.2500. For more, refer to Terms and Conditions.