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melting hearts, carving stories

Bharatji, one of the few names which stand for genuine craftsmanship and trust carries the glorious heritage of sculpting masterpieces that elegantly resonate the story of its proud owner and wearer. For generations, we are known for breaking the mould and re-imagining the idea of art and beauty.

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the jingle of success

Jayantilal Soni, a goldsmith from a village called Gharni came to Ahmedabad in the 1960s with the aspiration to carve a niche in the jewellery market. He started a silver manufacturing unit of only ‘Ghoogri’ or Silver Metallic Ball whose melodious sound heralded the new beginning. He understood early on that the only way to have true success in the jewellery market is by creating the niche.

His ingenuity and his understanding of economies of scale made him the largest supplier of silver metallic balls in the state of Gujarat and he became widely known as ‘Jayantibhai Ghooghriwala’. Instead of endeavouring in the manufacturing of silver ornament, he exclusively provided ghooghris of various sizes and varieties at the price which couldn’t be managed if the ornament manufacturer were to manufacture it itself. He made it clear that he has arrived and is there for a long haul.

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celebration of purity

Bharatkumar Soni after whom the brand is named joined the family business in the 1970s. Carrying forward his father’s legacy of phenomenal craftsmanship and excellence, he established the firm called BM100 (BM stands for Bharatkumar Mahendrakumar and 100 stands for 100 percent purity).

He forged ahead with a clear vision to bring in the diversity and started manufacturing anklets and silver ornaments for its wholesalers at a competitive price. The elegant designs with its pristine features were lauded in the already established network and in no time the firm became one of the largest suppliers of silver ornaments in the state, along with adding retailers to the network.

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fashioning our ‘aspirations’

Driven by the zeal to touch the lives of our end-consumers who treasures our masterpieces for generations, in the year 1996, the family opened a retail store in the name of ‘Chamunda Jewellers’ (CJ) on CG Road, the then-upcoming street of Ahmedabad. The store was headed by Bharatji and crafted exquisite jewels in gold, diamond, and silver.

Due to the store’s prime location and the matchless collection, CJ earned a good strong goodwill within the first couple of years. When someone stepped into CJ, they were overwhelmed with the warmth. For Bharatji, his customers were more like a family whom he would address by their first name which is indeed a rarity in the jewellery business where customers are treated like God.

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an era of ‘timeless elegance’

Every remarkable journey faces the storm before rising again to glory. Unfortunately, on November 14, 2007, Bharatji passed away leaving a void in the organization he built with blood and sweat. From the year 2008-2013, the family put up the shutters to their jewellery business and focused just on their pharmaceutical business.

In a joyous twist of fate, in the year 2013, Jaydeep Bharatji, the second oldest son of Bharatji who was then working with a leading rating agency in the country, CRISIL ratings, felt like a homecoming and felt the call to touch and experience more lives than being in a job.

In the year 2014, the splendour of Bharatji’s heritage was revived when a store after his name got a new make-over on CG Road, revived on the values of ethics, purity, craftsmanship, compassion, and relationship. Thus, started the making of the next spectacular 100 years.