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rings with a romantic vibe

Every BeOne ring flaunts its character of commitment. With its ‘Veni’ pattern rings mirror the pragmatic approach of taking a circuitous route, of discovering the nuances of your partner’s persona, finding a friend in him and unravelling his unique love language before ‘Becoming One’; before taking a plunge in the divinity of married life.

Ring Frontview

The ‘Veni’ pattern is fashioned gracefully in rose gold, white gold, and stunning yellow gold to make the signature collection of these solitaire engagement rings for women even more striking. Besides being an exquisite piece of adornment, each design ingeniously embeds the values and legacy of Bharatji.

BeOne solitaire rings act as bosom friends to the newly engaged couple, guiding them in their journey from engagement to marriage. This piece of jewellery as the solemn witness of every small or big moment of your life will hold close to itself your precious memories. Every ring from this collection boasts of an excellent craftsmanship as each piece is made with immense love and meticulous detailing.

Ring topview

‘perfect prong’ setting

Our claw prong setting is the safest setting that holds the solitaire strongly and impeccably.

‘the veni’ pattern

The twist & turn pattern crafted in diverse ways form the exclusive identity of our BeOne gold engagement rings.

Ring Sideview

‘the rising’ solitaire

The solitaire is selectively chosen for you and elevated to the perfect height where it shines to its maximum capacity.

‘the nouveau’ design

In our unique engagement rings for women, our artistic detailing is for the wearer, for ‘You’ to bond amusingly with our solitaire that makes you stand out from the rest.

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take the plunge romantically

Getting engaged is just the first step toward starting a wonderful journey together. After all the celebration comes to a dramatic pause, life takes the realistic approach. At this juncture, our exclusively crafted BeOne solitaire diamond engagement ring with its iridescent glow inspires you to shed your inhibitions and take the romantic plunge that awaits you many surprises and adventures on the way.

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discover the companionship amusingly

Life after an engagement is not a path strewn with roses! Instead, it is like the road trip along the curvy pathways, with bumps and dips where you and your fiancé discover unapologetically each other’s raw side, cherish it and promise to nourish it by being an equal partner in the relationship. Our BeOne gold engagement ring will be the solemn witness as you both develop a deeper friendship, talk about dreams and then together take the journey to fulfil each other’s aspirations.

walk down the aisle blissfully

On the wedding day as you put on your gorgeous bridal attire and wedding jewellery, as the shutterbugs click to capture your grace, style and your smile from each angle, and while your bridesmaids are busy dolling up themselves; our BeOne solitaire diamond engagement ring will tune in to the rhythm of your heart and comfort you with its divine glow. Not just on the wedding day, but whenever you are in search of a muse, our ring will be the one to inspire you!

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