May 10th, 2019

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what would be an ideal engagement ring?

what would be an ideal engagement ring?

Among all the jewels a person may have, an engagement ring is the one that one holds dear to their heart. However, before the diamond engagement rings or rings with alluring gemstones became the ultimate fashion norms or emblem of a man’s lifelong commitment to the woman he loves, a caveman too tied cords made of braided grass around his chosen mate’s ankles, wrists or waist. Hence, since ancient times, a ring is considered as the romantic expression that makes the declaration of one’s love more solemn and grand.

Are you going to get engaged soon or thinking to propose that girl who is on your mind 24/7? Well, then choosing the ideal engagement ring for a woman with whom you imagine your life with becomes all the more important question for you. The explicit truth is that the idea of ‘ideal’ engagement ring is subjective. It depends just not on the taste of a person but also on the budget. Varied emotions play a role when it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, like your unique love story or feelings that you wish the ring to represent. And, most importantly your lady’s liking and inclination towards a particular taste, because it is special for her and is going to be on her finger for a lifetime as a precious memory!

Hence, before buying an engagement ring for your woman, give a good thought to below parameters that help you to plan the perfect engagement ring.

  1. 1. Plan a specific budget

When you plan your finances, you will never go wrong with the ring. It will help you know what kind of a ring will be available at your budget and help you set your and your partner’s expectation right. It’s an engagement ring which is obviously a very personal thing for both of you, so planning in advance actually helps.

  1. 2. Learn about 4 C’s

Before you step into the jewellery store, it is necessary to equip yourself with the knowledge of 4 C’s and the features of best diamond engagement rings.

    1. a. Colour

The colour of a diamond is graded on a scale from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow). Truly colourless diamonds are the rarest and most expensive.

  1. b. Carat

Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. It helps you to compare the different types of diamond and let you know the cost accordingly. The heavier the diamond, the more the price.

  1. c. Cut

A diamond should be cut at definite proportions and angles which helps the light move through diamond crystals and reflect the brilliance of a diamond accurately.

  1. d. Clarity

While considering the clarity of the diamond, you need to consider the inclusions of other minerals and check the tiny fractures as they affect the brilliance of a diamond. Hence, diamonds which rate high on the clarity scale are expensive and rare.

  1. 3. Choose her preferred ring style

This task might be easier for you as it depends on the personality of your partner. The design of the engagement ring should be as per her taste. Whether she likes something modern, antique or a fusion of both should be thought of first hand. It can be easily known through the kind of clothes and accessories she purchases. Hence, discuss her style with the jewellery store salesperson, so he can easily guide you through the types of engagement ring as per her liking.

  1. 4. Decide on the type of ring setting

There are a wide range of ring settings like Bezel Setting, Channel Setting, Cluster Setting, Tension Setting, Prong Setting, etc. Choose the one that will adorn her finger brilliantly and the one which she can wear every day without any trouble or damaging the ring. After all, choose the one that perfectly matches your style and speaks a ton about your romantic relationship.

  1. 5. Decide on the diamond shape

While the round shape of a diamond is the most popular choice owing to the kind of sparkle it gives out, you can also choose a heart-shaped diamond to convey your feelings in a charming way. However, if your partner is someone who adores the charm of the bygone era, then you can go for cushion diamonds which look splendid in the vintage-inspired setting. There are many other eye-catching and fancy diamond shapes like princess diamonds, pear-shaped, oval-shaped, etc., choose the one that you know she will definitely fall for.

  1. 6. Don’t forget to plan a good surprise

When you take so much of efforts to decide on the ideal engagement ring which with its first sight will melt the heart of your partner, also, do not forget to plan some beautiful surprise which remains etched in her heart forever. It is going to be once in a lifetime moment for you, so proclaim your love in a unique way.

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