August 29th, 2019

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what kind of jewellery to wear in monsoons?

what kind of jewellery to wear in monsoons?

The pitter-patter of raindrops on the windowpane signals the onset of the romantic season. Nature takes on its green avatar as monsoon breathes new life into it. The earthy scent coupled with the delightful aroma of the hot brewed tea makes everything look more than beautiful.

To welcome monsoons whole-heartedly, accessorize yourself in a way that perfectly complements the sublime joy of this season. Undoubtedly, it is not the season to over-accessorize yourself as the downpour could ruin your look and damage your jewellery. Especially, avoid wearing heavy jewellery and opt for something dainty, minimalistic and bright-coloured. Your jewellery should be simple and something that makes you look effortlessly chic.

Let’s look at the kind of monsoon jewellery that will help you make a style statement without much hassle.

  1. Diamond Stud Earrings

No matter what kind of rainy outfit you are wearing, diamond stud earrings will amplify your look. We all know diamonds are classic and timeless. And, diamond stud earrings are definitely worth investing. The sparkling diamond jewellery will suit any kind of dress or style. Hence, instead of going for a chunky pair of earrings, adopt a minimalistic look that brings out your grace in the most fascinating manner.

  1. Gemstone Pendant

Add some colour and fun with a bright-hued gemstone pendant. If you are the one who faces monsoon blues, then these gemstones will bring liveliness into your life while strikingly adorning your neck. Choose the colour and style that aptly defines your personality and weave its spell as the monsoon continues to weave its magic.

  1. Pearl Drop Earrings

To brilliantly symbolize the raindrops, nothing is as spectacular as pearl drop earrings. The exquisitely designed pearl drop earrings match both the western and traditional outfit. These earrings with their classy look are one of the most sought after monsoon pieces of jewellery.

  1. Nature Inspired Jewellery

Monsoon is the season when every element of nature looks cheerful and new. Hence, jewellery with designs of birds, flowers, leaf, butterflies, etc. add to the season’s enthusiasm and make you look vivacious. Look for such beautiful natural motifs in diamond jewellery designs.

  1. Delicate Gold Bracelet or Bangle

If you wish to embellish your wrists with something really noticeable yet light-weight, then go for a delicate gold bracelet or bangle. At work or even at parties, a simple diamond-studded bracelet can be a head-turner.

At Bharatji, we have a stunning collection of monsoon jewellery. Our delicate pieces are designed keeping in mind the monsoon aesthetics. Visit our showroom at CG Road to explore our jewellery that defines minimalism most exuberantly.

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