April 01st, 2019

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what are the new trends in gold jewellery?

what are the new trends in gold jewellery?

Within the sphere of the latest jewellery, gold jewellery always shines the brightest. Though technology brought in a dramatic shift in the tastes and preferences of people, nothing could subdue the aura of the gold jewellery. Generations after generations fell in love with the yellow sparkle, and the gold jewellery both in classic and modern designs continued to rule hearts.

Today’s youth pick designs that complement their dynamic persona and tells their story. Though dainty and delicate gold necklaces are reserved for office wear, their designs have taken a chic, bold, and sassy route. Hence, the latest jewellery trends demand that design needs to be original to catch the viewer’s attention or else it might just wither away in the showroom.

Jewellery designers too love experimenting gold jewellery by taking a break from the conventional approach; they add an element of surprise and personalization by combining gold with pearls, diamonds, gemstones, colourful meenakari and other lively forms and textures.

Let us take a sneak peek at the latest jewellery that amps up your look:

  1. Cocktail Rings

The large sized cocktail rings stand for women’s individuality and independence. With their impressive and bold look, they are a big hit with fashionistas. Designed with smaller diamonds or a gemstone, and with their striking colours and cut, these rings allow one to express themselves in a loud and bold way. New jewellery design with their innovative approach has made sure that cocktail rings never go out of fashion. Next time, at the party, team up your black dress with a cocktail ring, because it is time to reinvent yourself.

  1. Standalone Statement Earrings

Professionals often opt for minimalist workplace jewellery that makes them stand out. When it comes to new trend gold jewellery design 2019, these standalone statement earrings are going to rule the market. These earrings are not just about everyday comfort, but with their unique styling, they eliminate the need of other embellishments and gives one a sophisticated look. Hence, don’t forget to add them to your jewellery box.

  1. Modern Bridal Necklace

A plethora of wedding jewellery options can perplex the bride. Today’s bride prefers larger than life jewellery that adds an elegant air to the wedding outfit. The existing gold traditional bridal jewellery designs- gold with kundans– (traditional gemstones), gold with polki (uncut diamonds) or gold jadau jewellery are given a modern twist by jewellery designers to suit the eclectic tastes of a bride. This ethnic contemporary collection aptly defines the aspirations of a modern bride.

  1. Rose Gold Jewellery

When gold blends it with copper, it creates a softer shade of pink. Rose gold stands for passion and romance. The new jewellery designs, especially pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets are now crafted in rose gold jewellery. Choosing a rose gold solitaire ring for engagement is considered a romantic choice. Young couples love this rosy sheen as it gives gold a completely new avatar. 

  1. Nature-inspired Motifs

Jewellery designers always try to translate the natural elements and the striking colours of flora and fauna into their jewellery designs, and this one thing has never gone out of style, but indeed evolved with time. They create exceptional jewellery pieces that celebrates nature and are adored by every generation.

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