May 21st, 2019

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how to take care of your diamond jewellery?

how to take care of your diamond jewellery?

Diamonds are Earth’s magic that handled pressure in a truly exceptional way; they are the nature’s way of communicating to believe in your own sparkle no matter what. At Bharatji, we believe in crafting jewellery with the highest quality of diamonds after evaluating them on the basis of 4Cs- Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat.

Anything that you purchase from us, be it diamond stud earrings, bangles, pendant, necklace, ring, etc. is indeed a pleasure forever and therefore it is necessary to take care of certain things that ensure your diamonds sparkle the brightest for a lifetime.

Below are certain ways to help you maintain the sheen and lustre of your most loved possession- diamond jewellery:

  1. 1. Clean the diamonds regularly

Diamonds are the hardest natural substance, still, their shine gets affected by oil, dirt, and grease. Hence, avoid wearing your diamond engagement ring or any other every day wear diamond jewellery while cooking, cleaning or dusting.

You should also not often touch the diamonds of your jewellery as oil from your skin forms a thin film on the diamond, thereby reducing its shine. A diamond gives out a beautiful sparkle as the light passes through it. But the film formed on it obstructs the entry of light.

Hence, the best and inexpensive way to get rid of dirt on your diamond jewellery is by soaking them overnight in warm water and mild soap solution. Later, clean it off gently with either soft cloth or brush with soft bristles. Remember not to use a harsh toothbrush or any chemicals as they completely dissolve the metal or loosen the prong settings of your jewellery.

You can clean your real diamond jewellery in an above-mentioned manner once in every 15 days at your home.

  1. 2. Wear your diamond jewellery only after getting ready

If you are going to wear your diamond stud earrings or any other designer diamond jewellery at a wedding or a cocktail party, you are surely going to put on make-up and hair-style. At such times, ensure that you put on your diamond jewellery at last.

Any sort of cream, sunscreen, hair sprays, perfumes, etc. when they get in touch with diamonds, they discolour the stones temporarily. Hence, to maintain the brilliance of your diamond that matches with your elegant party look, always wear them after getting ready.

  1. 3. Store them properly

Do not keep all your diamond jewellery or any other jewellery together. The gemstones and diamonds rub against each other, and that results in scratching or damaging your precious diamonds. This may cause your diamonds to lose their original sheen. Hence, always store your diamond jewellery in fabric-lined jewellery case that has different compartments. Another way to protect the shine of your diamond jewellery is to wrap them in soft tissues. The tissues other than protecting your jewellery absorbs the oil or grease accumulated on your jewellery.

  1. 4. Go for periodic inspection

Always check the prong settings of your diamond as they hold the diamond firmly and in its place. If you find any fault in them, take them to your jeweller and get it checked as soon as possible.

You can also get your diamond jewellery cleaned up with an ultrasonic cleaner. The ultrasonic cleaner uses vibrating fluid to clean the accumulated dirt and grease on your diamonds. Hence, before going to any wedding or event, make sure you have got your diamond jewellery properly cleaned so you can put a brilliant look at the occasion.

It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friends. Diamond jewellery is like an extra armour that makes one feel confident and classy. However, it is imperative to gain knowledge about how to protect their natural shine and execute the same in daily life. Bharatji has unique diamond jewellery designs that boast of excellent craftsmanship. Visit our store at CG Road to explore our splendid diamond jewellery collection.

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