Jaydeep Bharatji

Jaydeep Bharatji

January 12th, 2019

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bharatji’s website takes the artistic leap

bharatji’s website takes the artistic leap

Deeply rooted in the values but flowing freely to embrace the newness. This thought spurs creativity at Bharatji, one of the top jewellers in Ahmedabad and this time it got manifested in the form of an aesthetically pleasing website.

The Legacy Continues
Staying true to its character of being the luxurious and designer jewellery boutique; the new website successfully positions Bharatji as the brand that carries forward its values of Purity, Service, Craftsmanship and Quality in an innovative manner.

Window to Glorious Eras
Every brand has a history, and this time our refashioned website has a dedicated page for a brand story. It takes you on a walk through its formative years to the establishment of Bharatji in the year 2013, giving a glimpse of how every remarkable journey starts with the burning passion to create a niche in the market through unique products and steadfast services.

Catch a Quick Glimpse
With a renewed structure of content and easy to navigate site, the homepage itself gives a swift view of the diverse content of the website. Galleries of Diamond, Designer, Wedding and Gold jewellery are just a click away on the homepage.

The sub-brand BeOne, the signature collection of solitaire engagement rings also finds an exclusive place on the homepage. Just a brief scan through the homepage will enlighten the visitor about the ideology that serves as an inspiration behind designing each piece of jewellery at Bharatji.

Interactive Features
With a host of elements like sliding interactions, artistic iconography, video, and animation effects; the website creates a delightful level of engagement with the user. To complement it, the use of soft pastel colours and the thematic photography, everything syncs in an appealing manner that urges the visitor to know more about us and browses more to see the dazzling designs of jewellery.

From designing, content to technical features, we have made sure that each factor resonates with our brand philosophy and reflects the stories that our jewellery speak.

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Do visit our website and we will really appreciate your feedback about your experience with our website. Who knows your feedback can inspire us to create another exquisite piece of jewellery!

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