Jaydeep Bharatji

Jaydeep Bharatji

February 11th, 2019

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beone engagement rings, for couples who chose to ‘be one’ through every twist and turn

beone engagement rings, for couples who chose to ‘be one’ through every twist and turn

Today, the word engagement brings to mind a glamorous picture. The picture of a string of bistro lights in the backdrop, orchid centerpieces on every dining table with floating candles and the romantic instrumental music, everything that makes the engagement party all the more melodious.

However, other than these ostensible arrangements, engagement is a major milestone in any person’s life. It is the day when one takes the solemn commitment to unconditionally love his/her partner through all the twists and turns.

Hence, at Bharatji, we thought to inspire the engaged couples through a spectacular craft that gives them a hundred more reasons to fall in love with each other. While exploring ways to cherish these love stories, we realized that other than the eye-pleasing and the soul-stirring décor, the main attention grabber in the engagement party are the diamond rings that couples exchange. With their unique sparkle, they reflect the depth of affection that a man and woman hold for one another.

Beginning of the most beautiful journey:
This single thought of creating something timeless for couples to be engaged led to the most exciting phase at Bharatji. Our team of enthusiastic thinkers, jewellery designers, craftsmen, and our staff members, all started brainstorming about the gold and diamond rings design. We wanted to make a unique pattern that differentiates Bharatji’s diamond engagement rings in terms of both design and quality from other engagement rings in the jewellery market.

The birth of ‘BeOne’ and its ‘Veni’ Kala:
For months, we researched, contemplated, discussed and finally zeroed in on the twist and turn pattern, the two wires bending into each other and becoming one in the end. We named this pattern as the ‘Veni’ Kala. This pattern embodies the puzzling path that a man and a woman takes before plunging into a married life. Engagement period is also the start of the most beautiful period of life when a couple discovers nuances of each other, adapt to some while learn to celebrate the other differences. And, no matter what commit to standby each other and ‘Be One’. Hence, our new creation of diamond solitaire engagement rings are introduced in the market as the ‘BeOne’ Engagement Rings.

BeOne rings are as unique as each love story:
Each BeOne ring has the ‘Veni Kala crafted into it in diverse ways. They are fashioned in rose gold, white gold or stunning yellow gold. With the perfect claw prong setting, the solitaire is hold strongly and it is also raised to the perfect height where it can shine to its maximum capacity. There is something unique for everyone as with meticulous and artistic detailing in each ring, our ‘BeOne’ rings establish a personal connection with the wearer. Our excellent craftsmanship is also reflected in each of our rings as each ring gracefully carries the legacy and philosophy of Bharatji. When it comes to engagement rings for women, truly, BeOne engagement rings are the one that beautifully weave the emotions of today’s generation with its remarkable craft.

Our BeOne rings are therefore an unspoken yet elegant gesture of love for lifetime. They are not just another gold and diamond engagement rings but rings that act as a constant companion at each phase of your married life. After all the wedding drama, it is the engagement ring that stays close to the heart of a person and is the gentle reminder of all the promises made, hence, it has to be special and spectacular and, it has to be ‘BeOne’. So, dear couples, ‘Commit to ‘Be One’ with a Romantic Twist.

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