Jewellery for wedding moments

The Wedding, The Jewellery

Softly the moments of life will fall like rain and gently kiss her with their shimmering love. But one moment will stand out both in resplendence and in love like the glittering diamond or sparkling gold. That cake of a moment would be her wedding and the cherry would be the wedding jewellery.

Stylish wedding jewellery collection by Bharatji

The Bride

As the day melts into the fading light, to unfold the eve of the wedding night, she touches this piece so dazzling and bright, gives in to the emotion without a fight, feels it on her glorious neck with a little fright, that she is soon to be the bride of her knight.

Wedding necklace set for brides

The Moon

The wind will blow ever so gently today, careful not to kindle the storm of emotions in the ocean of the hearts because the full moon, the paramour of the seas, has landed on earth to claim her rightful place on the throne of immortal beauty.

River design Indian wedding bangle by Bharatji

The River

She chose to flow today, effortlessly into the moment that took years to come to her. And when it came, she softly melted into the open inviting arms of his resplendent estuary, knowing that she won’t be limited anymore but will become a limitless ocean of glistening love.

Flower design bridal earrings by Bharatji

The Flower

Love softly kissed her awake into the blissful lustre of its effortless light. And before she knew it, a new flower of shimmering fragrance had blossomed on the tree of her life. That’s when she realized that in the fragrance of that flower was the essence of true love.

Petal design wedding bangle by Bharatji

The Petals

Softly she whispered into his ears, “Bind me in the lustrous dazzle of your love, and I will be yours forever." He said yes, and she felt a shower of soft petals glistening with his timeless love. The petals caressed her gently and fell, spilling like the love that was in the air.

Stunning bridal earring design by Bharatji

The Wave

Gently she walked through the aisle, grace personified, beauty epitomised, bedecked with bridal jewellery that seemed like an outer extension of her inner resplendence. Excited and nervous, she breathed heavily like the wave ready to merge in the ocean of love.