Step into Our Exquisitely Designed Jewellery Store in Ahmedabad

Our jewellery sparks the captivating sensation, making you feel transported to a dream world, when you visit our store.

Our highly knowledgeable and polite attendants will take you on a guided tour of Bharatji’s multi-level store and treat you to our exquisite, hand-crafted collection of antique, diamond and gold jewellery – or, they will discreetly leave you to examine each piece unobtrusively and at leisure, as you deem fit.

Bharatji constantly innovates with new designs and re-creates the forgotten magic of classical pieces. With a wide range of timeless pieces, Bharatji Jewellery embodies elegance and taste, reflecting a combination of classical and contemporary influences.

With the international feel of the store combined with our desire to redefine an Indian shopper’s buying experience, we promise that every time you walk into Bharatji store you walk out with a smile. For us every woman is special and we believe you deserve the best.

  • Bharatji Since 1975 - Ahmedabad based Jewellery showroom front view
  • Bharatji Since 1975 - Jewellery store's side view
  • Bharatji Since 1975 - Jewellery shop's internal view
  • Bharatji Since 1975 - Jewellery showroom's another internal view