You Don’t Choose Your Jewels, they Choose You

Bharatji is a young and vibrant brand that matches exclusively-carved jewels with their owners! The family behind the name, however, has been in the business for the past several decades. At our refurbished boutique store at CG Road, Ahmedabad, we seek to re-discover and re-establish that glorious heritage all over again.

Golden hues, textured walls, antique crystal chandeliers and warm lights adorn Bharatji’s newly done-up store, where discerning buyers can feast their eyes ad infinitum on our timeless, classical pieces.

The gems and jewellery experts at Bharatji carefully select each piece for purity and brilliance before it’s handed over to the craftsmen, who painstakingly fashion out a dazzling ornament from a piece of stone.

It is our privilege to guide you to the perfect jewellery piece that has chosen you as its proud owner!






Broke into retail


Rechristened as Bharatji

Heritage Brand

Brand Bharatji is owned and managed by two families Devji and Bharatji family. Both families are an established name in the jewellery business. Bharatji family ventured into the industry in mid 1950s, when the patriarch, Late Shri Jayantilal Soni migrated with his family from Rajkot to settle in Ahmedabad. Initially, the focus was only on silver jewellery, while catering to the local city-market but soon they became so popular that, in 1975, the next generation heir, Late Shri Bharatji Soni expanded the business and became instrumental in making Bharatji (Earlier known as Bharatkumar Mahendrakumar) a wholesale supplier of silver jewellery catering whole of Gujarat state.

Operating out of a small shop in Manekchowk, Ahmedabad, over the years, the popularity of Brand Bharatji has spread to surrounding markets, including Padra, Rajkot etc., where its better known by its name BM100 (Abbreviation of Bharat Kumar Mahendra Kumar; 100 stands for absolute purity).

In 1996, the family set-up a retail store by the name of ‘Chamunda Jewellers’ that flourished for 11 years. After receiving their training in gems and jewellery trade, the next generation of the Bharatji family joined hands with Devji to establish the new brand – Bharatji Since 1975, at the same place, where Chamunda Jewellers once stood.

Devji, the second family, is a leader in jewellery retail and manufacturing with a strong foothold in the gulf region. Headquartered in Bahrain, its one of the most trusted brands in, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, India and across the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) region. With Devji, Bharatji adds 60 years of craftsmanship, value, purity and value to its rich legacy. The patriarch of the Devji family, Devji Bhai Ramji Bhai Sagar, made his humble beginnings in the business in the year 1947 when he shifted base to Bahrain with his family. Since then, the family name has grown from being a trusted goldsmith to a huge jewellery giant, owning over 15 retail stores and four manufacturing units, across the globe.

The store at C G Road, Ahmedabad wears a brand new look. But its soul remains the same with the goodwill that prevailed during Late Shri Bharatji’s time, along with the timeless appeal of the store’s hand-crafted jewels and the legacy of Devji.