How do I know if a diamond is genuine?

We only buy from and trusted diamond traders, gems and gold dealers. We go by Gemological Institute of America’s universally accepted, "4 C's" diamond grading system to provide truly objective standards in the evaluation of a diamond.

Bharatji has an in-house Gemologist to guide you through the buying process and inform you about the quality of diamonds and other gemstones that you buy from us.

What’s the difference between a cut and an uncut diamond?

A cut and uncut diamond look and feel different. A cut diamond shines more brilliantly as it has more facets than its uncut country cousin. A cut diamond also appreciates faster in value. It can easily be sold anywhere for a good price. That’s the reason, the cut version is expensive compared to uncut diamonds. The highest purity in which cut diamond products can be laid is 18K gold. Now-a-days, uncut diamonds are also in vogue for their subtle and raw appeal.

What is the karat system for Gold jewellery?

Karat (sometimes confused with Carat) is the term used to measure the proportion of Gold in jewellery. Pure Gold is designated 24 carat which is ~100 per cent gold is the finest Gold found; 22 carat gold is defined as 91.67% pure gold where in alloys are added to strengthen the gold so that jewellery can be made out of it. An 18 carat Gold is 75% Gold while rest 25 percent are gold hardening alloys.

Carat, however, is the term used to measure weight of gem-stones. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other gem stones are weighed in carats. 1 carat equals to 0.200 milligrams i.e. one fifth of a gram.

What happens if the gold or diamond jewellery item I buy from Bharatji needs repairs?

Absolutely; for a nominal fee, unless the stone is damaged beyond repair i.e. crushed or bent or if a part of it has gone missing.

What should I look for while purchasing my diamonds?

Buying a diamond does not have to be an uncomfortable experience. The diamond assessment consists of 4 Cs viz. cut, colour, clarity and carat and each has a very significant part in the valuation of diamond. Every diamond is unique in its own way so saying one diamond is better than the other would not be fair. However, a diamond with better colour, clarity and cut would be higher in value as compared to that of lower colour clarity and cut mainly because the former combination is rare as compared to that of the latter.

So, while purchasing diamond, you should focus on factors most important to you like budget, resale value, desired clarity, colour etc. Still confused? Don’t worry we have got you covered. Our expert in-house gemologist and knowledgeable sales staff will make your diamond purchase a very smooth and satisfactory ride!

What is the difference between precious and semi-precious gemstones?

Generally; diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire are considered as precious stones while other natural gem-quality stones are considered as semi-precious. This distinction reflects the rarity of the respective stones as well as their quality. All precious stones are translucent, reflecting fine colour in their purest forms, except for diamonds, and are very hard (8-10 on the Mohs scale).

Other stones are classified by their colour, translucency and hardness. However this is not a thumb rule for all kinds of stones. For instance, while Garnets are relatively inexpensive, a green garnet called Tsavorite can be frightfully more valuable than a mid-quality Emerald.

What is the purity of gold you sell?

We sell jewellery made using either 22 carat or 18 carat gold.

Are your products hallmarked?

Yes. All the Bharatji products are hallmarked.

Do you have a workshop where you craft your pieces?

We have our in-house design house and workshop that caters to local tastes, as well as internationally-influenced designs. Going forward we also plan to make our own design forecasts. In addition, we plan to source from well-known vendors across the country as well as from reputed international brands to be able to offer the benefit of a huge collection to our discerning customers.

Can your ornaments be exchanged by you?

Yes, you can exchange any of the Bharatji product you have bought with our other products with customer-friendly exchange policy. For more information on the exchange policy, please visit our store and our sales staff would be happy to guide you through the same.